Chris J Mears

Hi! My name is Chris.

I'm a Data Visualization Engineer and Data Scientist with experience in Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, SQL, Python, and JavaScript.

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Brewery Review Analysis with NLP and NER title slide
Brewery Review Analysis with NLP and NER

The final Springboard Data Science Career Track Capstone project using natural language processing and named entity recognition.

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Precision Recall AUC model evaluation plot
Credit Card Fraud Analysis and Detection

Springboard Data Science Career Track capstone project that analyzes and fits various classification models to an imbalanced credit card fraud dataset.

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Open Brewery DB Logo
Open Brewery DB

Open Brewery DB is a free and open-source dataset and API with public information on breweries, cideries, brewpubs, and bottleshops. It is also a growing Discord community of beer-loving developers and data scientists.

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Data Nerd Newsletter
Data Nerd Newsletter

The archives for my weekly newsletter where I breakdown data and machine learning topics.

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Tea field
Tea Quiz

A small project to demonstrate a simple web-based ReactJS quiz app to collect data.

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About Me

Me and Cooper, the tiny black dog.
  • I'm Data Visualization Engineer and Data Scientist with JavaScript and Python skills, a love for data analysis, and a passion for machine learning.
  • I'm currently employed as a Senior Engineer with Carevoyance, a healthcare business intelligence and sales platform.
  • I also own and operate a data analytics consulting business and have previously worked for companies large and small in different sectors including Fortune 500, startups, and non-profits.
  • Finally, Iʼm an open-source project maintainer, Open Brewery DB, and rescue dog owner.

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