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Hi! My name is Chris.

I help non-technical solo business owners take control of their web technology and get back to their passion.

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New Website Woes

Have you grown out of Wix or another free web hosting service? Need to build a custom web site, but overwhelmed by the options?

Existing Website Woes

Do you have an existing website or web app that is just way too glitchy? Are you getting the cold-shoulder from your current web dev?

Growing Pain Woes

Has your business grown and there's some boring & annoyingly manual tasks which are taking away from your freedom?

I have solutions for your web tech woes.

Fix Bugs

Website glitches are a pain in the butt. Don't let bugs stop your customers from interacting and paying you.

Transfer Web Hosts

You're unhappy with your current web host, but a switch seems daunting. Let me take care of it so you can care for your business.

Navigate Technology

All you want to do is build a website, but there are a TON of options. Navigate the market with ease and confidence.

Automate Business

Your business is growing and so are the annoying manual tasks. Save time and money by automating your business.

New Features

Get help implementing that fancy new third-party integration which will skyrocket your business's bottom line.

Get Secure

You have work to do but your website requires backups and security updates. Stop worrying and secure your website.

Do any of these resonate with you?

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Why work with me?


We work together as a team to define your technology goals, solve issues, and set you on a path for success.


I want to empower you to learn the most you want to about your website whether it's a storefront or a marketing page. We'll work together to fill in gaps in your tech knowledge.


There should never be a time when you don't know what's going on with your website. I provide tools to track progress along with daily or weekly meetings for clarity.

Honest Resource

I will be your technology resource when you need it and will help you weigh all of the options depending on your business goals.


Rather than focusing on code, I focus on goals. I want to help you stop worrying about your web technology and propel your business forward.

Sleep at Night

Backups. Uptime. Deployments. Maintenance. Forget about your website woes and sleep at night.

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"Compared to other tech consultants and developers, Chris has a way with words that makes difficult tech concepts seem really simple and approachable. Even when a certain explanation didn't meet the mark, it seemed like he could tell if I was confused, and then try another way of explaining."

Rie Tulali

"Chris has a strong ability to patiently understand business requirements (as expressed by a non-technical person), ask the right questions, push back in the right areas, and in the end deliver extremely sound, robust code."

Myles Younger
Director of Marketing


  • Boost your productivity in 25 minutes with a 🍅

    Have you ever needed a little extra boost of motivation to get some work done?

  • TextMate How-to Book

    I’m very excited to announce that a book I’ve written has been published! The book is called TextMate How-to and is published by Packt Publishing.

  • HAML + Javascript

    I am very meticulous when it comes to server calls. In most of my Rails applications, I make sure to only specify those Javascript files that are deemed absolute necessary for any given view so as to not clutter things with wasted bytes of memory.

  • Mac OS X Terminal Aliases

    Partly because I wanted to post more and partly because I transfer computers a lot and I figure a blog is as good place as any to share my thoughts with, well, myself.

  • Setting Themes for Terminal in Mac OS X

    After spending way too long using a plain black and white color scheme in Terminal and being unimpressed with the theme options under Terminal > Preferences… Settings Tab, I decided to do a little bit of searching to remedy the situation.

How I Work

1 Discover

We take a deep-dive into where your business has been, where it is, and where it's going. I answer any questions and we put together an Action Plan for your business to serve as a guide.

2 Build

Once we determine the best path to proceed given your business goals and resources, we build! This typically means we have daily or weekly meetings and in between I work my magic and update the progress board.

3 Iterate

While you don't need to care what agile software design and test-driven development is, I do it and you can rest assured that I build things so that they can be continually improved. That means you're not stuck with old tech.

About Me

Profressional Photo of Chris J Mears (without a beard)
Another professional photo forthcoming...
Cooper, my dog


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