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Hi! My name is Chris.

I help solopreneurs & small business owners take control of their web technology and get back to their passion.

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I have solutions for your web tech woes.

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What kind of Website Woes do you have?

Minor Woes

Simple-ish tasks which can be solved in one or two 30-60 minute 1-on-1 sessions.

Fix Bugs & Glitches

Website glitches are a pain in the butt. Don't let bugs stop your customers from interacting and paying you.

Theme Updates

Is your website "coded" and you can't make updates to a page? Let me help you so you can keep your brand up-to-date.

Sanity Check / Code Review

Your agency/designer built a website in WordPress or Drupal or whatever. I'll check it out and get you on the path to success.

Major Woes

Complex projects which require a bit more attention and can last weeks or months.

Site Transfer

You need to switch web hosts and/or move your domain name. Let me take care of it so you can care for your business.

New Features

Get help implementing that fancy new third-party integration which will skyrocket your business's bottom line.

Custom Project

Have a web app idea, SEO optimization, security audit, or other custom coding project? Let me help you.

Do you have any of these Website Woes?

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Why work with me?


We work together as a team to define your technology goals, solve issues, and set you on a path for success.


I want to empower you to learn the most you want to about your website whether it's a storefront or a marketing page. We'll work together to fill in gaps in your tech knowledge.


There should never be a time when you don't know what's going on with your website. I provide tools to track progress along with daily or weekly meetings for clarity.

Honest Resource

I will be your technology resource when you need it and will help you weigh all of the options depending on your business goals.


Rather than focusing on code, I focus on goals. I want to help you stop worrying about your web technology and propel your business forward.

Sleep at Night

Backups. Uptime. Deployments. Maintenance. Forget about your website woes and sleep at night.


“I was so relieved to find Chris. After starting a Squarespace website, I quickly became frustrated by how long it was taking for me to figure out how to build my website and get it to look how I wanted. Instead of watching tutorial videos over and over, I was able to sit with Chris and build most of my website in 2 hours, with the understanding to then complete it and make future changes myself. Chris is super knowledgeable, patient, easy to work with, and unique in his approach of empowering business owners to understand their own technology. I'd highly recommend him if you are looking to learn how to get your website off the ground, or having technical issues that you can't solve yourself.”

Andrea Knox, MA
The Postpartum Planner

“Chris saved me from a disaster. He listened, got to the root of the issue, and fixed my website woes in record time!”

Dr. Kelly Beischel
Life Coach
Dr. B. Presents, LLC

“Compared to other tech consultants and developers, Chris has a way with words that makes difficult tech concepts seem really simple and approachable. Even when a certain explanation didn't meet the mark, it seemed like he could tell if I was confused, and then try another way of explaining.”

Rie Tulali

“Chris has a strong ability to patiently understand business requirements (as expressed by a non-technical person), ask the right questions, push back in the right areas, and in the end deliver extremely sound, robust code.”

Myles Younger
Director of Marketing

About Me

Cooper, the tiny black dog, and I in Julian, California
My dog, Cooper, and I.

I have solutions for your web tech woes.

Sign up for my weekly newsletter where I break down tough tech topics in plain English. All value. No spam. Guaranteed dog photos.