COVID Vaccine Tracker 💊

A thorough interactive data visualization built by FirstPerson, showcasing a dataset from the Milken Institute's FasterCures program. The visualization story also educates about vaccines and the process. I found it impressive that 119 vaccines are in development and 19 20 (increased since the draft of this paragraph) are in clinical testing.

Goodwill Hunting: A Graphical Analysis of Women's Tops Sold on Goodwill's Website 👚

A light-hearted analysis of Goodwill put together by designer Jess Peter. It's also a great example of how to tell a story with data. Jess also includes a Jupyter notebook of the analysis so you can peer review.

Tutorial: Build a Grade Book with Pandas 📕

I haven't gone through the entire tutorial, but it looks like a great way to learn how to use Python and the Pandas library to process CSVs of grades into scores and plotting summary statistics. I can see it easily being adapted for other purposes like polls and invoicing.

Real Python

COVID-19 Dashboards

Heavier sigh. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Stay safe out there!

If you have any other dashboards to share, please send them my way.