Analyzing Court Records Data to Find Dirty Cops πŸš”

It’s difficult determining whether or not someone with power will abuse that power. It’s even more difficult when that data is hard to access, which is true for most of the US. This article goes through the high-level analysis of analyzing the publicly accessible Palm Beach County, Florida police citation data. It’s a helpful demonstration of what we can find out if data scientists do the same for their own communities.

Scraping Court Records Data to Find Dirty Cops (

Top Tech Companies on Racial Justice, BLM, and George Floyd πŸ“’

The Plug compiled this spreadsheet of over 240 companies who have made statements concerning racial justice, Black Lives Matter, and/or George Floyd. It also includes information on where some companies stand in their diversity.

Tech Statements [Google Sheets]

George Floyd / Black Lives Matter Protests Map πŸ—Ί

A GIS analyst in New Mexico put together a map of almost 3000 protests that have happened since May 25, 2020.

Black Lives Matter Protest 2020

US Police Brutality Map πŸ—Ί

Crafted by contributors from the /r/2020PoliceBrutality subreddit, this interactive map includes video and written sources for the incidents.

US Police Brutality Map

COVID-19 News & Dashboards

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over. I’m going to keep these dashboards readily available so we can track things since many states have decided to withdraw shelter-in-place restrictions. Stay safe out there!

If you have any other dashboards to share, please send them my way.