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The following are only a few services I can perform while housesitting.

Pet Care

I love animals and will take care of your pets as if they are my own. I will ensure timely feedings, exercise, any necessary medications, and love.

Home Care

Get the mail. Water the plants. Clean the bathroom. Wash the dishes. I will ensure your home looks lived in and will leave no mess.

Peace of Mind

You'll never have to worry about if you locked the doors or turned off the stove. I'll take care of everything and can send updates.


According to my friends, I'm annoyingly reliable. I'm also very security-conscious. You won't need to worry if the door is locked or the security alarm is enabled. I have you covered.


Whether you want daily updates or for me to mostly leave you alone during your vacation, I can provide updates (with photos, if desired) via SMS, email, phone, etc.


While I do charge a fee, I can guarantee it will be less than most house/pet sitting services. You will save money so that you can spend it on your trip!

About Me

A little about me and why I'm be a great house sitter for you!

  • Photo of me

    My name is Chris.

    I'm a nomad. I've lived in several places around the United States (CA, GA, IA, MD, NH, OH) and have traveled abroad.

  • Photo of a laptop

    I work remotely.

    All I need is a high-speed Internet connection, a quiet space, and I can work from anywhere!

  • Animated GIF of my dog, Cooper

    I have a dog.

    His name is Cooper. He is ⅛ Siberian Husky, ⅛ Corgi, ⅛ Beagle, and 100% a good boy! I know how to care for animals and how important they are for you. I will take care of your pet(s) as if they are my own.

  • Photo of airplane

    I like to travel.

    Unlike most travelers, I like to stay in one place and experience the local flavor rather than hit the main attractions.


Hear what past clients have said about my housesitting services.

Portland, Oregon Old Town sign

Myles & Stephanie Y.

Portland, Oregon

Chris house-sat for us for a whole week while our family was on vacation. We had never had someone house-sit before, but this was our longest vacation since having our daughter, and we needed someone to feed our cat, put out the garbage cans, and generally keep an eye on the house. Chris is low-key and pretty meticulous, so we knew the house would be in perfectly good hands. We barely communicated during our vacation and figured "no news was good news." When we got back, we even found that he had done a bit of cleaning, which we really appreciated, but that he totally did not have to do! We'd definitely have Chris back the next time we take off on a long trip.
Palm trees and sunset

Chris & Dani S.

San Diego, California

It gave us piece of mind knowing Chris was taking care of our home while we were away. When we got back, everything was in order and the house was spotless!
Balboa Park

Dylan & Stephanie J

San Diego, California

Chris took care of our house and older dog for 18 days while we were out of the country. Our pup had some medical issues, but we knew he would be in amazing hands while we were gone. Being a pet owner himself, we knew Chris would know what to do in an emergency. We would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a house-sitter, pets or no pets, as his responsible and attentive nature would ensure everything is taken care of!

Reference contact information on request.

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