Observable: JavaScript Notebook with D3


Python-based notebooks are used heavily in data science and other fields to organize and show analysis. Observable is kind of like a mash-up of Medium and Google Colaboratory for JavaScript. It even has D3 built-in so that you can make some truly awesome and interactive data visualizations while pulling live data. The Learn with Jason tutorial is a great overview with some chat and emoji wackiness to keep things interesting.

Observable Tutorial: Rapid DataViz in Observable (with Anjana Vakil) — Learn With Jason (YouTube)

People of the Pandemic Interactive Simulation

#simulation #covid

While calling it a “game” is a bit of a stretch, I found this interactive simulation really interesting and helps to visualize how communities are affected. You can either use your own zipcode or choose between urban, suburban, or rural formats to get a better understanding of how a highly infectious disease can spread. It’s worth it to get past the 8-week mark to see how fast 💩 hits the fan when everyone goes back to business as usual.

People of the Pandemic

BentoML: Model Serving Made Easy

#machine-learning #data-engineering

After speaking to several data scientists, I learned a common problem was easily serving machine learning models in a stable production environment with limited engineering resources. From the website, “BentoML is an open-source platform for high-performance ML model serving.” It seems like a lofty promise, but according to the documentation, you can turn your ML model into a production-ready API endpoint with just a few lines of code on many platforms including AWS Lambda, SageMaker, and more.

BentoML: Model Serving Made Easy (GitHub)

COVID-19 News & Dashboards

I haven’t seen much other new COVID-19 data news. I’m going to keep these dashboards readily available so we can track things since some states have decided to withdraw shelter-in-place restrictions. Stay safe out there!

Johns Hopkins ArcGIS Dashboard
United States By County Dashboard
nCoV2019.live Dashboard

If you have any other dashboards to share, please send them my way.