The Best Open Graph Image Size


While searching for the best Open Graph / social media image size for the millionth time (TLDR; 1200 x 630), I ran into this interesting piece of data analysis. The author, Matt Turnbull, analyzes the top websites of 2018 and shares his insights with a good amount of numbers.

The Best Open Graph Image Size (I Am Turns)

AutoML-Zero: AKA Skynet


Ok, Skynet is a bit much. But, from my precursory understanding, it doesn’t feel far off. It’s an algorithm to find the best machine learning algorithm to solve a problem. While it was bound to happen anyway, it’s still a fairly significant step. From the paper’s source code on Github: “AutoML-Zero aims to automatically discover computer programs that can solve machine learning tasks, starting from empty or random programs and using only basic math operations. The goal is to simultaneously search for all aspects of an ML algorithm—including the model structure and the learning strategy—while employing minimal human bias.”

Source Code (Github) Research paper (Cornell University)


While it’s atypical that I will include more than 3 or 4 links, it’s a bit of a weird time to (re)start a newsletter. With the COVID-19 pandemic underway, things feel very uncertain. However, we are in an unprecedented time that we’re able to gather and share data in such a quick and collaborative manner. Here are a few data-related COVID-19 links:

Exponential growth and epidemics (YouTube) - Applying math to real-world situations, especially while they're happening, is the best way to learn.

COVID-19 Dataset (Github) - This dataset is updated every day and maintained by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE). It includes sources from the CDCs across the world, WHO, and more.

COVID-19 Dashboard (ArcGIS) - A dashboard using the above dataset. Sidenote: Scammers are using this vulnerable time to infect people’s computers using fake COVID-19 dashboards. Be safe out there, friends!