• My Solopreneur Toolkit: Part 2 - Communication & Scheduling

    Reliable communication is necessary for any business to thrive whether you have a team, clients, or customers. In this post, I go over the communication and scheduling tools I use daily to collaborate with my clients and solopreneur community.
  • My Solopreneur Toolkit: Part 1 - Project Management & Productivity

    Freelancers and solopreneurs need a toolkit they use daily to make their business and personal lives more manageable. Doing everything solely in spreadsheets and many Word documents can only get you so far. The easy-win automation provided in existing services is beneficial if a solo business owner is going to have a maintainable work/life balance.
  • Boost your productivity in 25 minutes with a 🍅

    Have you ever needed a little extra boost of motivation to get some work done?

  • TextMate How-to Book

    I’m very excited to announce that a book I’ve written has been published! The book is called TextMate How-to and is published by Packt Publishing.

  • HAML + Javascript

    I am very meticulous when it comes to server calls. In most of my Rails applications, I make sure to only specify those Javascript files that are deemed absolute necessary for any given view so as to not clutter things with wasted bytes of memory.

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